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European Journalism Fellowships

14195 Berlin
Program coordinator
Stephanie Herber
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Welcome to the European Journalism-Fellowship programme at Freie Universität Berlin!

During the EJF programme year, the scholarship holders can spend an academic year in Berlin and work on an individual study project or a larger research project - detached from everyday journalistic life. The entire range of teaching and resources offered by Berlin's universities is available to them. At the same time, the programme enables an intensive exchange with professional colleagues. Weekly discussion groups, cultural events, excursions and a fact-finding trip through Germany complete the programme.

The European Journalism Fellowships are part of the Institute of Journalism and Communication Studies at the Free University of Berlin.

The European Journalist Fellowships co-operate with the following foundations:

Presse-Haus NRZ Foundation

Helsingin Sanomat Foundation

Heinrich Böll Foundation

Fazit Foundation

Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Cooperation with the European Journalism Observatory (EJO)

This EJO fellowship at the EJF (sponsor: Stiftung Presse-Haus NRZ) has a topic-specific focus: It is designed to observe current developments in journalism research in Germany and the rapidly changing landscape of journalism and media in Berlin.

Journalists from Eastern and Western Europe, the Arab world and the USA are eligible to apply. Public relations professionals, journalism academics and journalism lecturers can also apply.

Please consult the 2 fact sheets in the Downloads section for further information on the programme requirements, practical issues (e.g. visa requirements if you are not from the european union) and the international student status at the university.

The deadline for application is 15 May 2024. Applications are to be sent exclusively by e-mail to: ejf@polsoz.fu-berlin.de.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!

The EJF team