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Fellows 2001/02

Participants in the 3rd year of the European Journalism-Fellowships 2001/2002


Audunn Arnorsson (Iceland)

Foreign affairs editor with Morgunbladid

Project: “The European economic zone and the eastern expansion of the EU”

 Zbigniew Budych

Zbigniew Budych (Poland)

Editor with Gazeta Wroclawska

Project: “Poland’s and Germany’s common future in Europe: Developments in German and Polish foreign policy after the fall of the Berlin Wall”

 Izabela Dachtera

Izabela Dachtera (Poland)

Editor with Glos Wielkopolski

Project: “Young Poznaners – young Berliners: The European consciousness of a generation”

 Lola Huete Machado

Lola Huete Machado (Spain)

Editor with El País

Project: “Immigrants, tourists, artists: Germans in Spain, Spaniards in Germany: A love story?”

Laura Iglesias San Martín

Laura Iglesias San Martín (Spain)

Independent journalist

Project: "The travels of Adolf Bastian and other Berlin Ethnologists"

Elena Jerzdeva

Elena Jerzdeva (Belorussia)

Independent journalist

Project: “Changing values in the new home country? How the political and social attitudes of Russian immigrants change in Germany”

Lydia Kokavcova

Lydia Kokavcova (Slovakia)

Journalist with Nove Slovo

Project: “The role of the Turks in Berlin”

Alfred Nune

Alfred Nune (Albania)

Independent journalist

Project: “Germany’s role in the Stability Pact in Southeastern Europe: On the integration of the Albanians into a Balkan region without intergovernmental impediments”

Sheryl Oring

Sheryl Oring (USA)

Independent journalist

Project: “Banned and burned, but not forgotten: A tribute to the writers whose books were destroyed across Germany in 1933”

Jaroslav Rudiš

Jaroslav Rudiš (Czech Republic)

Editor of the daily paper Právo

Project: “Tendencies in contemporary Germany literature”

Lisa Stadler

Lisa Stadler (Switzerland)

Independent journalist, Index Press Agency

Project: “Water: From general good to economic asset: Privatization models for water supply and disposal”

Susanne Weingarten

Susanne Weingarten (Germany)

Editor with SPIEGEL

Project: “Bodies of evidences: Gender performances of the Hollywood stars”

Heike Wilke

Heike Wilke (Germany)

Independent journalist with (among others) ARTE, WDR and SFB

Project: “The future of work”

Sylwia Agnieszka Zadrozna

Sylwia Agnieszka Zadrozna (Poland)

Editor with “Polskie Radio S.A.”

Project: “Berlin as economic metropolis and pivot between east and west”

Ana Jugoslava Zagorac

Ana Jugoslava Zagorac (Yugoslavia)

Editor with Radio Belgrade

Project: “Radio under public law in Germany as model? Reorganization of newscast editing at Radio Belgrade”