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Fellows 2002/03

Participants in the 4th year of the European Journalism-Fellowships 2002/2003

Otto Bence

Otto Bence (Hungary)

Editor with 168 Ora

Project: “Changes in cultural journalism in Germany in the 1990s”

 Christine von Brühl

Christine von Brühl (Germany)

Correspondent in London

Project: “Exclusion – containment: How ethnic minorities deal with processes of transformation”

 Christian Brüser

Christian Brüser (Germany/ Austria)

Independent journalist with the ORF; associate with the Politische Akademie in Vienna

Project: “Thinking for Germany: Think tanks/ political consulting”

 Elena Dimova

Elena Dimova (Bulgaria)

Editor with Bulgarian National Radio

Project: “Radio broadcasting abroad: possibilities for a dialogue between nations"

Katarina Durkova

Katarina Durkova (Slovakia)

Editor with Dominofórum

Project: “New trends in the weekly press: Developing topics related to foreign affairs and the EU problematic”

Gints Grube

Gints Grube (Latvia)

Independent journalist

Project: “Multiculturalism as a social phenomena in Europe”

Kyle James

Kyle James (USA)

Independent journalist

Project: "Islam and Germany: Not an easy relationship

Katerina Krausova

Katerina Krausova (Czech Republic)

Journalist with the press agency CTK

Project: “Illegal migration and preventive countermeasures”

Paul Legg

Paul Legg (Great Britain)

Journalist with the BBC

Project: “Sports and politics: A German relationship”

Agron Loci

Agron Loci (Albania)

Journalist in Albania

Project: “Metamorphoses of Albania and the image of Albanians in the Germany-language print media in the last decade”

Eystein Rossum

Eystein Rossum (Norway)

Journalist with Bergens Tidende

Project: “The new immigration policies of the European Union: Consequences of the planned EU expansion”

Alisa Roth

Alisa Roth (USA)

Independent Journalist

Project: “European policies on asylum”

Katerina Rus

Katerina Rus (Sweden)

Independent journalist

Project: “Berlin yesterday and today: Attitudes and perspectives of young Berliners”

Shaheen Syedain

Shaheen Syedain (Great Britain)

Independent journalist

Project: “Intercultural identities: A case study on couples from differing cultural milieus”