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Fellows 2003/04

Participants in the 5th year of the European Journalism-Fellowships 2003/2004

Judit Beszterczey

Judit Beszterczey (Ungarn)

Journalist with the daily newspaper Budapesti Nap

Project: “Imre Kertész as Nobel Prize winner, or: The process of coming to terms with the past in Germany and Hungary”

Dr. Sascha Buchbinder

Dr. Sascha Buchbinder (Switzerland)

Reporter with the Tagesanzeiger

Project: “‘We are the Others’: Displacements in the identity-shaping image pool in East and West Germany 1956/1989/2003”

 Vanya Eftimova

Vanya Eftimova (Bulgaria)

Reporter with Bulgarian National Television

Project: “The transition in Southeastern Europe from state television to a public law system: Newscasting standards”

Manuela Hodzic

Manuela Hodzic (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Television Journalist with the federation BiH

Project: "The expansion of the European Community and its impact on Germany"

 Arno Holschuh

Arno Holschuh (USA)

Independent journalist and columnist

Project: “Anti-Americanism 2003”

 Dita Hradecká

Dita Hradecká (Czech Republic)

Editor with the daily paper Lidové noviny

Project: “Who are the future concert attendees? How the Berlin orchestras cultivate their public.”

Andrej Kobiakow

Andrej Kobiakow (Russia)

Journalist with the daily paper Respublika Tatarstan

Project: “The Gordian Knots of Kaliningrad: Representations Königsberg in the German and Russian media”

 Christoph Kucklick

Christoph Kucklick (Germany)

Editor with the magazine GEO

Project: “The immoral sex: On the moral regulation of the man in modernity”

 Eva Male

Eva Male (Austria)

USA correspondent with the daily paper Die Presse

Project: “Austrian linguistic identity in Europe: The role of the German language within the EU and the overcoming of fears of linguistic contact in the age of globalization”

 Marián Repa

Marián Repa (Slovakia)

Journalist with the weekly paper Slovo

Project: “The impact of World War II on residents of Slovakia with German origins: Reports on resettled Germans in the years 1944-1947 with reference to 8 affected individuals”

Malgorzata Szelachowska

Malgorzata Szelachowska (Poland)

Editor with Telewizja Polska

Project: “German-Polish collaboration in areas of innovation”

 Zsuzsa Takács

Zsuzsa Takács (Hungary)

Independent journalist

Project: "Trends in the German foodstuffs industry and the German food trade”