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Fellows 2004/05

Participants in the 6th year of the European Journalism-Fellowships 2004/2005

 Kristina Baxanova

Kristina Baxanova (Bulgaria)

Reporter with bTV Balkan News Corporation

Project: “German politics for disabled people and its reflection in the media – Examples for Bulgaria”

Neli Cholashka

Neli Cholashka (Bulgaria)

Editor with the daily paper Sega

Project: “European pension schemes as subjects of change”

 Šárka Daňková

Šárka Daňková (Czech Republic)

Editor with radio CRo 6

Project: “The Red Army Fraction and its perception by the present German society”

 Daniela Draganova-Stanew

Daniela Draganova-Stanew (Bulgaria)

Independent business journalist

Project: “Booming golf sport industries in times of recession – The economic importance of a sports discipline”

Sándor Joób

Sándor Joób (Hungary)

Editor with the daily paper Magyar Hirlap

Project: “’Ostalgie’ in Germany – a new definition of the former German Democratic Republic by the media?”

Dr. Petra Krimphove

Dr. Petra Krimphove (Germany)

Editor with the Badische Zeitung

Project: “Welfare State and social commitment: Germany compared with the United States”

 Vincent Landon

Vincent Landon (Great Britain)

Science journalist with Swissinfo/Swiss Radio International

Project: “Biotechnics – German science since reunification: Berlin, Dresden, Munich”

 Kristiina Markkanen

Kristiina Markkanen (Finland)

Foreign affairs editor with the daily paper Helsingin Sanomat

Project: “In search for ‘Heimat’ – film analysses”

 Barbara Vincze

Barbara Vincze (Hungary)

Editor with the online newspaper Index

Project: “The portrayal of ethnic minorities in local media – Berlin in comparison with Budapest”