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Fellows 2005/06

Participants in the 7th year of the European Journalism-Fellowships 2005/2006

Jakub Borowski

Jakub Borowski (Poland)

Editor with the polish press agency PAP "Polska Agencja Prasowa"

Project: "The protection of the environment in Germany. The importance of the environmental awareness and the role of media."

Nicole Dietrich

Nicole Dietrich (Austria)

Editor with the cultural radio station "Ö 1.ORF"

Project: "Sound and memory. Sound-memories between East and West."

Dmitry Grushevsky

Dmitry Grushevsky (Russia)

Associate chief editor with the newspaper "Delowoje Powolje"

Project: "Wine and world. The traditional economy under the conditions of globalisation."

Olivier Guez

Olivier Guez (France)

Foreign correspondent with the daily newspaper for economy and finance "La Tribune"

Project: "The renewal of the Jewry in Berlin."

Matej Husek

Matej Husek (Czech Republic)

Reporter with the daily newspaper "Pràvo"

Project: "The instrumentalisiation of the so-called Benes-decrees using the example of the election campaigns 2002 in Czech Republic and Germany."

Oliver Junker

Oliver Junker (Germany)

Editor with the news agency "Agence France-Press"

Project: "The forbidden city - search for traces"

Dace Krejere

Dace Krejere (Latvia)

News editor with public broadcast

Project: "The possibilities of the broadcasting media in Latvia and Germany."

Barbara Kuznik

Barbara Kuznik (Slovenia)

Editor with the radio station "RTV Slovenija"

Project: "German case of euqality in politics - why should we vote for women?"

Zsuzsa Mártonffy

Zsuzsa Mártonffy (Hungary)

Editor with the business magazine "Figyelö"

Project: "Reduction of jobs in Germany - end of the social welfare state?"

Dagmar Novotná

Dagmar Novotná (Slovakia)

Reporter with the news agency "Ta3"

Project: "National minorities in Germany and their presentation in media"

Jude Stewart

Jude Stewart (USA)

Independent Journalist

Project: "Ostalgie and Design: A Popular Consumer Trend´s Impact on German Design, Visual Culture and National Identity"