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Fellows 2006/07

Participants in the 8th year of the European Journalism-Fellowships 2006/2007

Desislava Apostolova

Desislava Apostolova  (Bulgaria)

News/politics chief editor with the newspaper "Novinar"

Project: "The Nationalism in Bulgaria - a new phenomenon and the language of hate in media"

Christine Burtscheidt

Christine Burtscheidt  (Germany)

Editor with the daily newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung"

Project: "Study of the German educational system crisis"

Izabela Jopkiewicz

Izabela Jopkiewicz  (Poland)

Journalist with the newspaper "Gazeta Wyborcza"

Project: "Polish skyjacker in Berlin?"

Diljana Lambreva

Diljana Lambreva  (Bulgaria)

Independent Journalist

Project: "The taboo of subservience and coming to terms with the past in Bulgaria"

Simone Leonhartsberger

Simone Leonhartsberger  (Austria)

Independent Journalist

Project: "Media in conflict - conflict in media: The role and the (de)escalation potential of media using the example of Kosovo"

 Maryna Rakhlei

Maryna Rakhlei  (Belarus)

Editor with the press agency "BelaPAN"

Project: "Belarusian - German relations in the field of education and science"

 Guillermo Sans Mora

Guillermo Sans Mora  (Spain)

Independent Journalist

Project: "The role of Germany in the Spanish democratization"

Bianka Siwinska

Bianka Siwinska (Poland)

Associate chief editor with the newspaper "Perspektywy"

Project: "German (and Polish) colleges in movement"

Teodora Liana Trandafir

Teodora Liana Trandafir  (Romania)

Editor with the daily newspaper "Evenimentul Zilei"

Project: "How will develop the buying behaviour in Romania?"

Benjamin Weinthal

Benjamin Weinthal  (USA)

Independent Journalist

Project: "Leftie Anti-Semitism: Essay of an analysis"