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Fellows 2007/08

Participants in the 9th year of the European Journalism-Fellowships 2007/2008

Dirk Böttcher

Dirk Böttcher  (Germany)

Independent Journalist

Project: "Earth - the unknown universe under our feet"

Marton Galambos

Marton Galambos  (Hungary)

Editor with the magazine "Kreativ"

Project: "Journalistic quality and editorial office management"

Lukas Kistler

Lukas Kistler  (Switzerland)

Editor with the magazine "Context"

Project: „Swiss artists in Berlin“

Irina Kotkina

Irina Kotkina  (Russia)

Independent Journalist

Project: „Opera houses and the challenge of the globalized world: Moskau and Berlin in comparison“

Päivi Ojanperä

Päivi Ojanperä  (Finland)

Journalist with the daily newspaper "Turun Sanomat" in Turku

Project: „Our common Baltic Sea – What has Germany to do with environmental protection?“

Armand Plaka

Armand Plaka  (Albania)

Editor with the daily newspaper "SHQIP"

Project: „Transformation and media in eastern Germany after the reunification“

Antonios Polychronakis

Antonios Polychronakis  (Greece)

Journalist with the newspaper "Kathimerini"

Project: „Byzanz – In search of the lost European Eastern borders“

Bara Prochazkova

Bara Prochazkova (Czech Republic)

Chief editor with the daily newspaper "Prazský Deník"

Project: „Stereotype between Germany and Czech Republic“

Marcin Rogozinski

Marcin Rogozinski  (Poland)

Journalist with the Polish paper "Focus"

Project: „Does the EU bring people closer together? Peregrination along the Oder-Neiße border“

Gulmira Shandybajewa

Gulmira Shandybajewa  (Kazakhstan)

Editor with the broadcast and radio station "Kazakhstan"

Project: „Young resettler in the focus of German media"

Nina Vidovic

Nina Vidovic  (Slovenia)

Journalist with the broadcast station "POP TV", Delo Revije

Project: „Anti-consumerism for all? The trace of an anti-shopping trend“