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Fellows 1999/2000

Participants in the 1st year of the European Journalism-Fellowships 1999/2000

Ursula Cerne

Ursula Cerne (Slovenia)

Free Journalist

Project: "Transformation of real into fictional conditions in Theodor Fontanes literary works"

Sergej Droschin

Sergej Droschin (Russia)

Free journalist

Project: "German and Russian stories in German media“

Alexa Dvorson

Alexa Dvorson (USA)

Free radio journalist

Project: "Migrants in Germany after the Fall of the Berlin Wall"

Ulla Fröhling

Ulla Fröhling (Deutschland)

Free Journalist and Author

Project: "Trauma and taboo: Perception, defense and language of taboo issues."

 Peter Haffner

Peter Haffner (Switzerland)

Editor with NZZ-Folio

Project: "Where the West ends. A journey along the German-Polish border."

Diana Ianakieva

Diana Ianakieva (Bulgaria)

Editor with Trud

Project: "The introduction of the Euro in Bulgaria“

Katalin Karcagi

Katalin Karcagi (Hungary)

Free journalist

Project: "The second and third generation of the holocaust. The resettlement of emigrant children in Germany."

Helga Leiprecht

Helga Leiprecht (Germany/Switzerland)

Editor with Kulturzeitschrift "DU"

Project: "Architecture and remembrance: The vanguard of Leningrad"

Ton Olde Monnikhof

Ton Olde Monnikhof (The Netherlands)

Editor with Algemeen Dagblad

Project: "Effects of the German Federal Government move to West European countries"

 Ekatarina Popova

Ekatarina Popova (Bulgaria)

Editor with "24 Stunden"

Project: "Work-related migration from Eastern Europe to the Federal Republic of Germany since 1989"

 Dr. Antonia Rötger

Dr. Antonia Rötger (Germany)

Free Journalist

Project: "Is there a blueprint of soul? The possibilities of natural scientific research of consciousness“