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Germany Tour 2015

Educational Germany Tour by the European Journalism-Fellowships 2015

The trip took place from 2 to 4 december and had its first stop at the German Mining-Museum in Bochum on december, 2nd 2015.

Picture 1: The Demonstration Mine in the museum

Picture 2: A machine for drilling holes into the mine

Picture 3: The Fellows were able to test the instruments themselves

Picture 4: The entrance of the museum

Picture 5: The fossilization of a tree in the museum

After the Mining-Museum, the Fellows went to the Museum Folkwang in Essen.

Picture 6: The sculpture "La fontaine aux agenouillés" by George Minne

Picture 7: The singer Jean Baptiste Faure as Hamlet by Édouard Manet

For the next day, the Fellows were invited by the Foundation Presse-Haus NRZ to their headquarter in Essen. The foundation is an important supporter of the EJF-programme.

Picture 8: The NRZ-Forum

Picture 9: The Publisher of NRZ, Heinrich Meyer

Picture 10: The chief editor of NRZ, Manfred Lachniet

Picture 11: The Fellows in the room of the NRZ editorial staff

Picture 12: The Fellows talking to NRZ-editor Peter Toussaint

Picture 13: The Fellows with Walter Koretz, Heinrich Meyer and Manfred Lachniet

On Friday, the Fellows took a train to Hannover to visit the NDR (North-German-Broadcasting) and had a talk with Martin Reckweg (deputy head of radio and head of editorial "word" of NDR1).

Picture 14: The big room for broadcasting

Picture 15: One of the TV-studios

Picture 16: In one of the NDR1-Radiostudios chatting with NDR1-Moderator Michael Thürnau

Picture 17: Martin Reckweg

Picture 18: The Fellows with Martin Reckweg

The last part of the tour was a visit at the "Museum for Caricatures and Draughtsmanship Wilhelm Busch in Hannover"

The European Journalism-Fellowships would like to thank all of their sponsors for making this tour possible and the Foundation Presse-Haus NRZ as well as the NDR for organizing the visits.

Picture 19: The Fellows in front of the caricatures of the politicians Helmut Schmidt and Theo Waigel