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Jour fixe

04. November 2015 - Klaus Pankau

04. November 2015 - Klaus Pankau
Image Credit: Nils Werner

28. Oktober 2015 - Bernward Tuchmann

28. Oktober 2015 - Bernward Tuchmann
Image Credit: Nils Werner

21. Oktober 2015 - Dr. Tanja Kiziak

21. Oktober 2015 - Dr. Tanja Kiziak
Image Credit: Nils Werner

14. Oktober 2015 - Christian Humborg

14. Oktober 2015 - Christian Humborg
Image Credit: Nils Werner

Personal Dialogue

Weekly "Jour fixe" meetings offer fellows an exceptional opportunity to participate in personal conversation with prominent representatives from science, media, business, politics, society, and culture. These meetings offer fellows a perspective transcending the boundaries of their individual research projects.
The kick-off event to our Jours fixes and the start of the EJF programme is the "Winfried-Fest-Lecture" each year.

Past years numerous outstanding personalities have been welcomed as guests, among them former German Presidents Richard von Weizsäcker and Roman Herzog; Antje Vollmer, Vice President of the German Bundestag; Klaus Kinkel, former Minister of Foreign Affairs; Jens Reich, civil rights activist and scholar; Jan Philipp Reemtsma, head of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research; Edzard Reuter, former chairman of the advisory board of Daimler-Benz-AG; literary critic Sigrid Löffler; Giovanni di Lorenzo, former editor-in-chief of the newspaper Tagesspiegel and TV presenter; journalist and reporter Henryk M. Broder; Lothar de Maizière, first and last prime minister of the German Democratic Republic; Gregor Gysi, former head of the German PDS party; Marianne Birthler, head of the Federal Authority for Documents of the State Security Service of the Former GDR; Gesine Schwan, President of European University Viadrina; and Barbara John, former officer for immigration affairs in Berlin.

Usually, the “Winfried-Fest-Lecture” and Jours fixes are not open to the public. If you are interested in visiting one of our events, please contact us in advance.

Here you will find a Jour fixe-Programme overview as well as articles about the annual Winfried-Fest-Lecture.

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