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Short Overview of the Workshop Program

Saturday, June 29

Arrival of the participants in Berlin, Get together

Sunday, June 30

Visit to the Reichstag and guided tour in Berlin Mitte (Center)

Monday, July 1

Welcome Address


Prof. Dr. Klaus Beck, vice president of Freie Universität Berlin

Prof. Dr. Martin Emmer, director of the IfPuK

Prof. Dr. Margreth Lünenborg, director of the IJK


Topic of the day: The current state of CMS in selected Arab countries


The status quo of CMS in Egypt, Tunisia and the Gulf States


Dr. Mona Magdy Farag

Dr. Moez Ben Messaoud

Dr. Jassim Jaber


Critical Intervention 1: The Methodology Trap – Why CMS are not really international


Prof. Dr. Kai Hafez (University of Erfurt)


Response: How can Arab scholars contribute?


Sara Said Almaghraby

Dr. Inas A. Hamid El-Khoreiby


Critical Intervention 2: Arab CMS and Western countries: cooperation, agenda-setting and the (in)visibility of approaches


Dr. Mohamed Hossam Ismail Abou-Elella

Dr. Ehab Bessaiso

Tuesday, July 2

Topic of the first part of the day: Self-image and paradigms of CMS beyond the US-American perspective: experiences from Germany, Latin America and France


German Communication Studies and its shift from a humanistic to an empirical social scientific discipline


Dr. Maria Löblich (University of Munich)


Communication Studies transnationally and transculturally or “Science in a national box”? Insights to an actual project of science research


Prof. Dr. Stefanie Averbeck-Lietz (University of Bremen)


Topic of the second part of the day: Methods of teaching and knowledge transfer


The use of new/social media in teaching: E-learning methods, Massive Open Online Courses and Iversity


Jonas Liepmann, founder of Iversity


Forum: Exchange of experience on e-learning and digital media in teaching


Social media in teaching / Ehab Hamdi Gomaa

Social media in teaching journalism / Buthayna Alsemeiri

Social media campaign in the USA and Germany / Prof. Dr. Carola Richter

E-learning / Dr. Mahmoud Galander


Barbeque at the IJK

Wednesday, July 3

Topic of the day: Promoting young researchers and scholars


Visit to the Berlin Graduate School of Muslim Cultures and Societies


Dr. Gabriele Freitag, managing director of the BGSMCS


Visit to the Dahlem Research School of FU Berlin


Dr. Martina van de Sand, director of the DRS


Response: Perspectives and experiences of teachers and students


Dr. Taha Negm


Free afternoon

Thursday, July 4

Topic of the day: Projects in CMS and options of cooperation


Introduction to the different divisions and projects of the Institute of Media and Communication Studies (IfPuK)


Working groups on research projects and teaching experience:


online research / Prof. Dr. Martin Emmer

gender-related research / Prof. Dr. Margreth Lünenborg

training in journalism / Prof. Dr. Alexander Görke / Dr. Soheir Osman Abdel Haleem



Or: Visit to seminar “Recent developments in the MENA media landscape”


Prof. Dr. Carola Richter

Dr. Nouri Lajmi

Dr. Hamid El-Bour

Heba Ahmed Morsy


Topic of the second part of the day: Good governance in universities


Roundtablle Discussion: Academic Self-Administration – Best Practice and challenges for decision making processes in universities


Prof. Dr. Klaus Beck, Freie Universität

Simon Berghofer, Freie Universität

N.N., member of the students council, Freie Universität

Dr. Samy Tayie, Cairo University

Eman Mohamed Soliman, Cairo University

Maha Mohamed El-Wazir, Cairo University


Introduction to the project “Gender Equality in the Egyptian Higher Education System” in cooperation with the FU Berlin and Egyptian Universities


Dr. Barbara Sandow, project coordinator


“Gendering revolution and beyond: The image of Egyptian women in the media” – Public lecture within the scope of "Gender on Top", a series of lectures of the Interdisciplinary Center of Gender Studies


Dr. Inas Abou-Youssef, Associate Professor of Journalism (Department of Mass Communication at Cairo University)


Friday, July 5

Topic of the day: Media institutions in Berlin


Visit to the Berlin studio of the ARD (largest German public broadcaster)


guided tour and discussion with staff member


Visit to the Axel-Springer-Akademie (School for Journalism)


Rudolf Porsch, Deputy Managing Director of the Axel-Springer-Akademie


Free afternoon


Saturday, July 6

Topic of the day: Ethics and normativity in CMS


Do we need norms and normativity in Communication Studies?


Prof. Dr. Barbara Thomaß (University of Bochum)


Response: Hanan Badr


Normative Aspects of Communications Research – Analyzing Freedom

of Communication in the Global Digital Network Society


Saskia Sell, Ph. D. candidate at the IfPuK


Response: Dr. Hanaa Farouk Saleh




Sunday, July 7

Departure of the participants



CMS: Communication and Media Studies

FU: Freie Universität/Free University Berlin

IJK: Internationales Journalisten Kolleg/International Center for Journalism

IfPuK: Institut für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft/Institute for Communication and Media