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International Center for Journalism

The International Center for Journalism was part of the Institute for Journalism and Communication Studies at the Free University of Berlin from 1995 to 2019. It has contributed significantly to the amalgamation of theoretical and practical training in journalism. In addition, the international exchange, especially with Russia and Eastern European countries, was the focus of the IYC.

In 1995, the then existing further training for journalists with the “European Journalism Fellowship Program” (scholarships for predominantly Western European journalists for a project stay in Berlin) and the program “Journalists from Russia”(scholarships for young journalists: inside for a six-month residency program) united under the umbrella of the IJK (cf. also Wersig/Neveling in: Kubicki, K. (2013). Gesellschaftswissenschaften an der Freien Universität Berlin: Erziehungswissenschaft, Psychologie, Hochschuldidaktik, Politikwissenschaft, Forschungsverbund SED-Staat, Kommunikationswissenschaften, Soziologie und Tourismus (Vol. 6). V&R unipress GmbH).

In 2019 the IJK was dissolved in favor of a realignment as the Center for Media and Information Literacy (CeMIL). The European Journalism Fellowships program continues under the umbrella of CeMIL, as do other initiatives for further training and exchange with international journalists.

If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Dr. Contact Carola Richter: carola.richter@fu-berlin.de

Programs of the International Center for Journalism

European Journalism Fellowships (EJF) (current program)

The program has been awarding scholarships to young journalists for a two-semester study and work stay in Berlin since 1999.

Masters Degree "Global Communication and International Journalism" (discontinued)

The double master's degree "Global Communication and International Journalism" was carried out in cooperation with the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Saint Petersburg State University. It was an English-language consecutive master’s course conducted from 2014-2018, which was research-oriented and interdisciplinary.

InternXchange Programm (discontinued)

The InternXchange program was aimed at journalism students and young journalists from the USA and Canada at the International Center for Journalism at Freie Universität Berlin.
Once a year, the program invited up to 15 American and Canadian journalism students and young journalists to spend three months studying and doing an internship in Berlin.
In addition to studying journalism or communication science (or a media-related subject), the prerequisites were German language skills and initial practical experience in journalism.

Journalists International (JIL) (discontinued)

The JIL was a program aimed at young journalists from the CIS countries. The participants took part in further training seminars and completed an internship during their three-months stay in Germany. In addition, several scholarships were awarded to participants over the course of the program.


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