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Application / Eligibility

There is no call for applications for 2015.

  • Eligible to apply are American/Canadian students who are either enrolled in a school of journalism or are majoring in a journalism-related field at an university or college in the United States/Canada. If no journalism major is available at your university, you may still apply if significant interest / activity in journalism can be demonstrated.

  • Applicants must have German language proficiency at least equal to the “advanced intermediate” level. The complete program is held in German.

  • Applicants should also have a demonstrated interest in Germany and German affairs, i.e. an awareness of current political news coverage of Germany in the American/Canadian media, and general familiarity with German history, culture and society.

  • First experiences in practical journalism will be expected.


The program is designed primarily for undergraduate students, but graduating seniors, recent graduates and graduate students are also eligible.


  • Application
  • Eligibility