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Participants of the ICJ-programme internXchange arrived



News from Jun 04, 2013

With a warm welcome of the eleven US-American participants in the International Centre for Journalism, this year's internXchange-programme started yesterday.

In the following six weeks the students will deepen their knowledge of the German society and media in daily seminars. After that they have the opportunity to get to know the daily professional routine of a journalist in a five-week-long internship in editorial departments.

Part of the programme will also be an educational trip of five days, that the American students will take together with the Eastern European scholars of the ICJ-programme “Journalisten International”. The travel route is Wolfsburg, Magdeburg, Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Dessau and Leipzig. Next to conversations on site with people from, for example, the Volkswagen company, the Bauhaus and the Federal Administrative Court, the intercultural exchange among the participants from East and West will have priority.

The internXchange-programme is sponsored by the DAAD and the foundation Dr. Jacques Koerfer.


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