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Joint Bachelor Degree of Digital Media and Technology (Freie Universität Berlin – Technische Universität Berlin)


Image Credit: Quality and Usability Lab, TU Berlin

The Bachelor’s program Digital Media and Technology is a joint degree offered by our institute in collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Technische Universität Berlin.

Courses take place at both universities concurrently and graduates of the program receive a combined qualification.

The Bachelor’s program combines mathematics, fundamentals of computer science and media technology with a communication studies perspective.

The Berlin degree program Digital Media and Technology differs from other media computer science programs through a strong integration of social science and communication studies into the studies. Skills and proficiencies related to technology, communication and humanities are acquired in an alternating manner throughout the entire Bachelor’s program, whereby all courses are closely linked to each other. This enables students to not only develop digital media applications and put them into practice, but also to analyze and reflect on their effects on individuals and society.

For more information about the Bachelor’s program and the application process, select the study program website of the TU Berlin (only in German).