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Working Papers

Definition of Science Programmes (pdf)

List of Science Programmes in 13 European Memberstates (pdf)


Research tools

Code Sheet Programme Analysis (pdf)

Reliability Programme Analysis (pdf)

Code Sheet Website Analysis (pdf)

Code Sheet Feature Analysis (pdf)



Research Report AVSA (pdf)


Science Journalism in Europe

This magazine has been published in Summer 2008. It is edited by the coordinator, Dr. Markus Lehmkuhl, and can be seen as the messenger of a new magazine on science journalism in Europe that provides a platform for discussing general problems and standards as well as ethical, historical and practical aspects of science journalism.


wpk Quarterly, Autumn edition 2008

This is the magazine of the "wissenschaftspressekonferenz", the biggest assoziation of science journalists in Germany. The focal theme of this issue is Science in TV, it has been edited by the coordinator, Dr. Markus Lehmkuhl, and contains a feature about AVSA (Die Masse machts? Wissenschaft im TV in Deutschland).

Here you find all other issues of wpk quarterly published since 2004.