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Who can supervise my doctoral project?

The full, associate and honorary professors as well as the senior lecturers of the department can act as supervisors for doctoral projects. Full professors are those who are currently employed as professors in the department, whether they are tenured, junior or visiting professors and the professors who have a double membership in the department and in one of the Central Institutes. Associate or honorary professors and senior lecturers (Privatdozent*innen) are not employed by the Freie Universität Berlin.

In addition to that, select members of institutions our department have a cooperation agreement with and - in well-founded exceptional cases - professors who are not or are no longer members of the faculty (eg. retired professors) are authorized to supervise doctoral projects.

You will find detailed information in the regulations for the conduct of doctoral examinations (Promotionsordnung) as well as on the homepages of the institutes and Central Institutes.

Please be advised that according to § 4(2) of the regulations for the conduct of doctoral examinations your doctoral project must be supported by at least one of the full professors of our department. In case your supervisor is a full professor him- or herself, no further action is necessary. If not, you will need to find a full professor who supports your doctoral project in addition to your supervisor. Ideally the supervisor should also be willing to act as second assessor of your doctoral thesis.