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New Publication: "Votes at 16 in Germany: Examining Subnational Variation"

News from Dec 20, 2019

Arndt Leininger and Thorsten Faas contributed with a chapter on Germany in the new published anthology "Lowering the Voting Age to 16. Learning from Real Experiences Worldwide". The anthology describes the effects of a lowering in the voting age to 16 from a global point of view and combines empirical research results from countries where at least 16-year-old can vote. In the German chapter Leininger and Faas describe the local status quo, in a few federal lands 16- and 17-year-old are allowed to take part at the local and federal state elections. They also describe the genesis of the process and provide first insights on voting behavior of the still under-aged.

The book is available online at the university library of the FUB.

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