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Workshop Talk with Michael Schroeren

News from Jun 19, 2019

In a workshop talk on June 6 Michael Schroeren, former head of the press office in the Federal Environment Ministry, answered the questions of interested students. Apart from questions on the day-to-day work of a press officer the discussion also touched current trends in political media coverage in Germany e.g. the growing significance of new media formats such as blogs and social media channels for communication in a federal ministry. Mr Schroenen stressed the partially drastic changes in working conditions for journalists in the capital over the past few years. In conclusion he further pointed out how these changes affected the extend and quality of media coverage in politcs.  

The event was attended by about 30 students of the seminar "Politcal Communication" as well as other interested students. The department of "Political Sociology of the Federal Republic of Germany" thanks Mr Schroeren and the students for the interesting and informative afternoon.

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