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Interlinking environmental politics and political education

Source (Logo Berlin): https://www.berlin.de/

Source (Logo Berlin): https://www.berlin.de/

Acquisition of funds from the state of Berlin for a tandem of subject science and subject didactics

News from Jan 03, 2024

In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Sabine Achour (Chair of Political Didactics and Political Education), Prof. Dr. Lena Partzsch and Dr. Albert Denk (both Chair of Comparative Politics with a focus on Environmental and Climate Politics) have acquired funding from the state of Berlin for the period from January 1st, 2024 to September 30th, 2025. The focus is on the topic of "Education for Sustainable Development (BnE)". In the process, student teachers will deal with issues relating to sustainability, the environment, climate and resource conflicts from a scientific perspective and translate this into teaching and learning formats. In addition, a course is being developed for students of politics as well as an interdisciplinary course that students of other subjects can also attend.

Students are shown examples of how content from scientific research can be prepared for teaching concepts. The teaching concepts are developed with the students in a design cycle (planning - implementation - evaluation - reflection) and implemented with a school class. On the one hand, this should contribute to the mobilization of students' academic knowledge and its application to teaching concepts. On the other hand, the process demonstrate in an exemplary manner how academic and didactic content is intertwined in the planning, implementation and reflection of lessons. 

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