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Presentation by Prof. Partzsch at Welthungerhilfe workshop

On the occasion of the SDG Midterm Summit in Sept, Welthungerhilfe is organizing a series of workshops on SDG 2 "Zero Hunger".

News from Aug 30, 2023

On the occasion of the UN SDG Midterm Summit, which will take place in New York on September 18 and 19, 2023, Welthungerhilfe is organizing a workshops series focusing on the implementation of SDG 2 "Zero Hunger". The first, digital workshop was held on August 29, with the title “How can we move faster towards “Zero Hunger” by 2030? Looking at SDG monitoring to improve policy making”. Prof. Lena Partzsch presented her research on political accountability in relation to SDG 2 and trade-offs in implementation. Other contributions came from Dr. Leslie Lipper, natural resource economist, and Dr. Juliana Gil, editor-in-chief of Nature Food.

On October 19, exactly one month after the SDG Summit, a second Welthungerhilfe workshop will focus on actions to follow the SDG Summit to achieve SDG 2 by 2030 and what role Germany plays in this. Details and registration for the event.

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