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Lena Partzsch congratulates on the 30th anniversary of the journal GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society

GAIA_3 Fragen_Bild

GAIA_3 Fragen_Bild

Prof. Dr. Lena Partzsch is one of several personalities to comment on the future of the inter- and transdisciplinary journal in the anniversary issue.

News from Jan 05, 2023

Answering three questions, Prof. Partzsch addresses the role of knowledge, science and sustainability research for societal transformations and comments on the tasks for GAIA as a journal in this context: "GAIA provides a forum and is a mouthpiece for sustainability research. The journal’s tasks include becoming more inclusive, diverse and flexible. While GAIA should continue to be committed to the German-speaking sustainability community, the journal must keep up with international research.” For its future, Prof. Dr. Partzsch wishes the journal a successful generational change, with the elders remaining role models paving the way for the younger generation. In particular, women, who shaped the environmental and sustainability movement in its early days, should remain visible in this process.

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