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Dr. Kostas Kanellopoulos

University of Crete

Department of Sociology

Senior Researcher

Gallos Campus
74100 Rethymno, Greece

Dr Kostas Kanellopoulos (Ph.D in Politics, Panteion University, Greece) is a senior researcher of the Greek team. He specializes in the study of social movements and contentious politics. He holds an M.A in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Athens and a Bachelor’s in Political Science and Public Administration from the University of Athens. He has participated in research projects at the University of Athens, Panteion University and the University of Crete. He has been elected four consecutive times at the Board of the Hellenic Political Science Association (2006 to the present) and he has taught at the Higher Technological Institutes of Piraeus and Patras. He has published on social movements, globalization, and contentious politics in journals and in collective volumes in Greece and abroad. Currently he also coordinates an independent project examining the social network and the alliance building of the Greek anti-austerity campaign 2010-2013.