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Bachelor of Arts "Globale Soziologie"

- 60-credit minor subject in combi bachelor -

Institute of Sociology

Garystraße 55
14195 Berlin

Key figures of the degree programme

Application period 01.06.-15.07.
Start of study Winter semester
Admission restriction Yes
Study languages German
Degree Bachelor of Arts (B.A.): 60-credit minor subject
Standard study period 6 Semesters

Contents and Objectives

The bachelor's program "Globale Soziologie" addresses theoretical and methodological approaches to understanding contemporary societies from a global perspective, considering processes of globalization and transnationalization. The program focuses on three areas relevant to social coexistence: economy, culture, and politics.

The program's regional emphases are on European, particularly Eastern European societies, as well as the regions of Latin America and North America.

The program aims for students to:

  • acquire basic knowledge of sociological theories;
  • engage with processes of globalization and transnationalization;
  • learn methodological approaches to the analysis of social processes.

The following departments are involved in the teaching:


The program also benefits from cooperation with the FU regional institutes Latin America Institute (LAI), Eastern Europe Institute (OEI), and the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies (JFK), as well as with the two non-university research institutions, the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB) and the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP).

Modules & Study Structure

The 60-credit bachelor's program "Globale Soziologie" consists of six modules that belong to the areas of Introduction, Fundamentals, and Expansion. The study plan shown here is exemplary and should be understood as a template for the course of study.



Credit Points (CP) 


1. term (Winter)

Module 1 Introduction to Sociology


2. term (Summer)

Module 2 Introduction to Empirical Social Research



3. term (Winter)

Module 3 Methods of Global Social Analysis   


4. term (Summer)

Module 4 Global Perspectives of Sociology                 



5. term (Winter)

Module 5 (10 CP)

First Chosen Module of Extension Area

Module 6 (10 CP)

Second Chosen Module of Extension Area


6. term (Summer)




Detailed Overview of Module Contents and Examination Forms

Study and Examination Regulations (PDF File)

Combination Options

  • "Globale Soziologie" can only be combined as a 60-credit minor subject with a compatible 90-credit major subject. 
  • Enrolment is only possible for a combination of a major and minor subject.

» Overview of Possible Subject Combinations (Interactive Combination Table)

Career Perspectives

Graduates possess scientific and practical knowledge and skills that qualify them for professional work or further study. Since "Globale Soziologie" is studied as a minor subject within a combined bachelor's program, the chosen major subject determines the professional qualification. For leadership roles or employment in research and teaching, a master's degree and possibly a doctorate are required.

Admission Requirements and Application

General Information


This selection of literature provides insight into the field of comparative sociology and the research conducted at the Institute of Sociology.