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Dr. Bontu Lucie Guschke

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Institute of Sociology


Gender Studies

Garystr. 55
14195 Berlin

Bontu Guschke is a postdoctoral researcher in the project “Negotiating Equality: Policy discourses on gender equity and diversity in science” which is part of the research stream “Diffusion of Policy Ideas on Gender and Diversity”.

She studied Communication Studies and Social and Cultural Anthropology at Bachelor’s level at Freie University Berlin and Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Master's level at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). After that, she worked as a research assistant for the project “Co-creating Gender Equality from Classroom to Organiztion: Innovations in Nordic Welfare Societies” at CBS.

From 2019 to 2023, Bontu Guschke worked as a PhD Fellow at the Department of Organization at CBS. She wrote her dissertation on ‘The persistence of sexism and racism at universities - Exploring the imperceptibility and unspeakability of workplace harassment and discrimination in academia” and received the PhD degree in March 2023. She was, moreover, a member of CBS’ Diversity and Difference platform and worked on several projects in the area of norm-critical, intersectional, and queer feminist gender and diversity research. She coordinated and taught the course ‘Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ in the MSc of Social Sciences in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship program.  

Her research interests include intersectional feminist organizational analyses, queer feminist and norm-critical theory, anti-/racism research, feminist epistemologies and the interplay of discourse and affect analysis. 

Bontu Guschke is editor of the Danish peer-reviewed journal Kvinder, Køn og Forskning/Women, Gender and Research.

Publications Further publications (reports, teaching cases, etc.) Forthcoming publications (peer-reviewed articles and book chapters) Google scholar Publications

Guschke, B.L. (2023) Fire inside me - Exploring the possibilities of embodied queer listening, Culture & Organization, online first. Hier auch der Link: Full article: Fire inside me - Exploring the possibilities of embodied queer listening (tandfonline.com)

Burø, T., Christensen, J.F. & Guschke, B.L. (2023) 'No hate. No bigotry. Fight white supremacy!': A case study of Nørrebro Pride and collective organising in the face of ongoing apocalypse. Ephemera: Theory and Politics in Organization, online first.

Guschke, B.L. 2023. The persistence of sexism and racism at universities - Exploring the imperceptibility and unspeakability of workplace harassment and discrimination in academia. Frederiksberg: Copenhagen Business School. 

Guschke, B.L., Just, S.N. and Muhr, S.L. 2022. Organizational norms of sexual harassment and gender discrimination in Danish academia: From recognizing through contesting to queering pervasive rhetorical legitimation strategies. Gender, Work and Organization, online first.

Guschke, B.L., Christensen, J.F. and Burø, T. 2022. Sara Ahmed – A Return to Emotion. In: Kivinen, N. and Hunter, C.: Routledge Focus on Women Writers in Organization Studies, Book 6: Affective Turn in Organization & Management. Milton: Routledge.

Christensen, J.F., Guschke, B.L., Storm, K.I. and Muhr, S.L. 2022. The norm of norms in HRM research: A review and suggestions for future studies. Human Resource Management Review, 32(4), 100859.

Guschke, B.L. and Christensen, J.F. 2021. From individual to organizational bias: A norm-critical proposition for unconscious bias intervention in organizations. Kvinder, Køn og Forskning, 32(3), 86-105.

Guschke, B.L. and Sløk-Andersen, B. 2021. Paying Attention to Tension. Towards a New Understanding of the Organizational Mechanisms Enabling Sexual Harassment. Ephemera: Theory & politics in organization, 22(1), 27-56.

Guschke, B.L., Busse, K.A., Khalid, F., Muhr, S.L. and Just, S.N. 2019. Sexual Harassment in Higher Education: Experiences and Perceptions among Students at a Danish University. Kvinder, Køn og Forskning, 28(1-2), 11-30.

Further publications (reports, teaching cases, etc.)

Guschke, B.L., Busse, K., Khalid, F. and Muhr, S.L. 2020. Sexual Harassment in the University Context. Teaching case and teaching note. Cranfield: Case Centre.

Muhr, S.L., Teilmann-Lock, S., Guschke, B.L., Christensen, J.F., Mahler, R., Maånsson, E. and Basner, K.I. 2019. Co-creation Gender Equality from Classroom to Organizations: Innovations in Nordic Welfare Societies. Frederiksberg: GenderLAB.

Muhr, S.L., Guschke, B.L., Khalid, F. and Busse, K. 2019. Let’s Talk about Sexual Harassment: An Investigation on Sexual Harassment in the Study Environment at Copenhagen Business School. Frederiksberg: CBS PRME.

Forthcoming publications (peer-reviewed articles and book chapters)

Christensen, J.F., Guschke, B.L., and Muhr, S.L. forthcoming 2023. (Invited submission) Norm-critical leadership. In: Smolovic-Jones, O. et al.: Critical Leadership. Milton: Routledge.

Guschke, B.L. forthcoming 2023. Solidarity across Difference-Rethinking Transformational Critique from Black Feminist and Postcolonial Perspectives. In: Mertlitsch, K., Hipfl, B., Kumpusch, V., and Roeseling, P. (eds.): Intersektionale Solidaritäten. Beiträge zur gesellschaftskritischen Geschlechterforschung. Leverkusen: Verlag Barbara Budrich.

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