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Migration and adaptation capabilities, aspirations and strategies of displaced Ukrainians in Berlin, Warsaw and Budapest


Image Credit: Pixabay License

In this project, we investigate migration and adaptation capabilities, aspirations, and strategies of Ukrainians who fled from their home country after the Russian invasion on the 24th of February 2022. Together with a team of Ukrainian research assistants, we conducted in summer 2022 semi-structured interviews with a sample of displaced Ukrainians who came to Berlin, Budapest and Warsaw. The interviews cover the topics of further migration plans, adaptation experiences, aspirations, and strategies in multiple social and economic aspects, and the resources they can draw on for navigating as displaced migrants in their place of residence. We aim to repeat these interviews twice a year over the next years to better understand change over time in displaced Ukrainians´ experience and strategies. Moreover, this project will highlight cross-national differences in displaced Ukrainians´ adaptation experience by comparing three major destination countries (Poland, Hungary and Germany). A better understanding of this large group of displaced migrants in a dynamic and comparative perspective can help not only push forward the international scientific debate, but is also of particular relevance for civil society and policy makers.


Prof. Dr. Céline Teney

Research Associates

Daria Potapova

Student Assistants

Anastasiia Nikolaieva

Kseniia Shvets

Mariia Bolshakova 

Kateryna Hutsa