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Job Opening: Research Associate (Postdoctoral) (m/f/d) with 3/4-part-time job limited to 31.12.2025

Application deadline: 20.03.2023

News from Mar 09, 2023

The Department of Political and Social Sciences - Institute of Sociology S-Professorship in Global Sociology - is hiring a post-doctoral research associate to work on the BUA funded project, “Exploring gender-specific determinants and contexts of migrant health from an integrated Global Health perspective.” The project tackles the intertwining of health, migration and gender, utilizing survey data and analysis. Specifically, it involves a) analysing the existing surveys to assess migrants’ participation in healthcare and its social, cultural, and institutional determinants; b) conducting experimental surveys among migrants in Germany to assess factors affecting their participation in Covid vaccination and cancer testing, and c) conducting experimental surveys to study cultural and political factors affecting Female Genital Mutilation in the migrant context of Germany and Sierra Leone. The research associate is to collaborate with members of the research team in the design and production of survey data, as well as in the analysis and publications produced in this context.

You can find the job advertisement here

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