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Support for Ukrainian students

News from Feb 28, 2022

The Department of Political and Social Sciences at Freie Universität Berlin strongly condemns Russia's attack on Ukraine. We are appalled by the war, which is a blatant violation of international law and cannot be justified by any reason. At the same time, we call for an end to belligerent violence, a return to responsible dialogue and respect for the principles of international law (especially the protection of civilians).   

We care about all citizens of Ukraine and especially about the students, researchers and their families affected by the war. We extend our full solidarity and sympathy to all of them. Accordingly, we will make every effort to provide intensive support to Ukrainian students and researchers in visa matters and in social matters related to their studies or research activities.

If you as a Ukrainian student at our Department are directly affected by these developments, please do not hesitate to contact either your lecturers or the offices of your Institute directly. We will try to support you as quickly and unbureaucratically as possible.

The Dean