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Céline Teney follows in the foodsteps of former Chairholder Jürgen Gerhards

News from Oct 06, 2021

Prof. Dr. Céline Teney is the new Professor of Macrosociology at the Institute of Sociology. We are delighted to welcome her on behalf of the entire team and look very much forward to work with her.

Céline Teney’s research profile combines on the one hand the sociology of social inequality, the sociology of Europe, political sociology and the sociology of migration; on the other hand, it is located at the intersection with other disciplines, such as political science or cultural studies.

In the coming winter semester, she offers the seminar “Migration and integration: main theories and their empirical applications” as well as one research placement and one colloquium.

The research group Macrosociology currently works on the third-party funded project “Opinion Polarization on Identity Politics and Denationalization Issues: A Longitudinal Comparative Perspective”.

This project will investigate the extent to which opinion polarization on identity politics and denationalization issues have increased since the 1980s in a selection of Western consolidated democracies. The analysis of social survey data covering more than three decades will provide essential insights into the origin, evolution and composition of one of the current most salient political divides in Western consolidated democracies. The topic of this project has therefore not only a high scientific, but also a high societal and political relevance.