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Links to Study Matters

Information on Where to Study in Germany

Higher Education Compass
The Higher Education Compass provides extensive information on Germany's higher education institutions, on the range of studies and programmes that they offer, on who to contact locally, and on who the higher education institutions cooperate with around the world.

Studien- und Berufswahl
This online service provides you with comprehensive information in order to prepare for studying at a college or university in Germany. Here you can obtain essential information on admissions and the application process, promotional possibilities as well as the various types of universities and degrees. Furthermore, the site provides brief information on life and your stay in Germany.

Kursnet - Bildungsangebote einfach finden
http://infobub.arbeitsagentur.de/kurs/index.html (in German only)
The data- base of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit contains almost 600, 0000 events (training courses, seminars, workshops) offered by approximately 20,000 training providers. It is the largest data-base of its kind in Germany.

Deutscher Bildungsserver
The Deutsche Bildungsserver is a central online guide to all sorts of information related to the German (higher) education system.

DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service
The German Academic Exchange Service provides you with comprehensive information on study opportunities in Germany and abroad. The DAAD also offers a range of scholarships for German and international students.

Student Life

Studentenwerk Berlin
The Studentenwerk Berlin provides social, economic and cultural support services to Berlin's students. Here you will find information on student accommodation issues, dining facilities, counselling and support, student jobs and BAföG matters.

http://www.unicum.de (in German only)
Online version of the free student newspaper UNICUM with a broad range of information on student-related matters.

ZEIT online - Studium
http://www.zeit.de/studium (in German only)
A site containing topical and current information on German higher education.

SpiegelOnline - Unispiegel
http://www.spiegel.de/unispiegel/ (in German only)
The „UniSpiegel“ by „SpiegelOnline“ provides news and reports from the academic field but also advice on how to write an assignment, internships, student jobs and student accommodation. .

Studenten-WG - Wohnungsmarkt
http://www.studenten-wg.de/angebote_lesen.html?stadt=Berlin (in German only)
Makes searching for an accommodation in Berlin much easier.

Career Opportunities/Internships

CareerService der FU Berlin
http://web.fu-berlin.de/career (in German only)
Information service for students looking for jobs and internships.

Careerpoint am Institut für Soziologie
http://www.careerpoint.de.vu/ (in German only)
The Careerpoint  for Sociology is an initiative by and for students of the FU's Institute of Sociology. Here you can search for internships and job offers and be kept up to date on seminars and workshops on career entry.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie - Job Market
http://www.soziologie.de/index.php?id=29&L=2 (in German only)
Internships and job opportunities for Sociologists.

ZEIT online - Jobs
http://www.zeit.de/jobs/index (in German only)
The online job search engine of the „Zeit“ contains more than 10, 000 up to date job ads.

http://www.praktika.de/bewerber/ (in German only)
A comprehensive data base for internships in Germany and abroad.

http://www.berufsstart.de/ (in German only)
A comprehensive data-base for jobs with an academic profile.

http://www.jobscout24.de (in German only)
JobScout24  is a large online search engine with more than 22,000 job offers.

Monster Deutschland
http://www.monster.de/ (in German only)
Since 1994 Monster brings together companies and employees. With more than 20 local platforms in America, Asia and Europe, Monster is a global enterprise. The online offer includes internships, training opportunities, student jobs and job offers for graduates.

Stellenbörse der Arbeitsagentur
http://jobboerse.arbeitsagentur.de/ (in German only)
Online data base for jobs and internships of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit.

http://www.karrierefuehrer.de/ (in German only)
The Karriereführer aims to connect graduates with the job world. It provides comprehensive information on study matters, application and career entry.

http://www.careerjet.de (in German only)
Careerjet is a search engine for the German market which offers a comprehensive job search.


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