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Second Semester

Teaching Content

The second semester focuses on the analysis of the main characteristics of social structures (Module 4) of the European societies and cultural similarities and differences among them (Module 5). Moreover, in Module 6  Europe is analyzed within the context of globalization, and in comparison to other regions (particularly North and Latin Americas).

Courses and assessment

The second semester encompasses three modules. Each module consists of a compulsory lecture and a companion seminar. There are three to four seminars offered in each module, out of which at least one is offered in German and at least one in English. The students choose one seminar pro module.

Each module carries 10 ECTS credits. The lecture is assessed by a written exam (90 minutes) and is passed without a grade. The seminars in modules 4-6 are passed with one oral exam (25 minutes) and two seminar papers (ca. 3.000 words each). The students decide until the third semester week, which module they want to complete with an oral examination and which two with a written assignment. The grade for the entire module arises solely from the graded seminar paper or the oral exam.

More information about the content of the modules of the second semester can be found here.


  • Master, Europa, EU, Masterstudiengang, MA, M.A., Osterweiterung, Europäisierung, Europäische Einigung