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Third Semester

Courses and Assessment

The third semester consists of two modules: area of specialization with two seminars and a research practicum.

In the center of the third semester stays the research practicum (Module 7). The students are given here an opportunity to combine the methods skills and theoretical knowledge they acquired in the previous semesters and to put them into practice during their own empirical research project. Each winter term three or four research practicum of thematic and methodological variety are offered. These research practicums are four-hour, intensely supervised classes with small number of participants. Qualitative, quantitative or experimental methods are applied to research into structural and cultural aspects of European integration and European societies. The module is passed with a graded research report (ca. 10.000 words, 15 ECTS)

The second module of the third semester (Module 8) consists of two specialized seminars of thematic diversity and more in-depth approach to specific social phenomena more generally discussed in previous semesters. The students are given a possibility to deepen their knowledge on research topics and problems that are particularly interesting for them. In order to have this module finished with 15 ECTS students need active participation in both seminars and a successful module examination. The successful module examination means a written term paper in one of the seminars (ca. 3.000 words). This term paper is graded as pass or fail only. Active participation can mean various criteria that are up to the discretion of the lecturer. This can include anything from attending class regularly to writing a term paper for the class. So, for example, you can end up writing two term papers, one of which counts as the module examination, the other one as proof for active participation.

More information about the content of the modules of the third semester can be found here.


  • Master, Europa, EU, Masterstudiengang, MA, M.A., Osterweiterung, Europäisierung, Europäische Einigung