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General Professional Skills Courses (ABV) and Teching-related Professional Courses (LBW)

At the Freie Universität Berlin the Bachelor of Arts (or at some other departments the Bachelor of Science) is the first level of further education which contains professional qualifications. It provides you with basic academic knowledge, competences in methods and a qualification related to the field of work.

Irrespective of whether in the structure of the subject a single or combined Bachelor is attained, 30 of the 180 credits are to be obtained either in the area of General Professional Skills Courses (ABV) or Teaching-related Professional Courses (LBW).

ABV (General Professional Skills Courses)

In this area, key qualifications relevant to both the specialism and on an inter-subject level should be attained by the completion of internships and optional modules in various competency areas, in addition to the training based in knowledge of the core subject. These qualifications should prepare the student for fields of work where knowledge and practice meet. Academic qualifications to be gained in the General Professional Skills area of study programme are regulated by central Study and Examination Regulations (German version).

LBW (Teaching-related Professional Courses)

Students who are working towards the teacher training (Lehramt) qualification will complete studies with a range of at least 30 credits in the field of study "teaching-related professional courses" (Lehramtsbezogene Berufswissenschaft). In this area the fundamental questions of education, upbringing and school will be tackled as well as specialist didactic knowledge required for teaching. In an occupational work experience placement the students gain their first experience with their later professional field of work – school – and to allow for further understanding of theoretical application. The qualifications to be gained in studying are regulated by a central administrative body for teacher training which is moderated with the other universities in the state of Berlin who offer teacher training by Study and Examination Regulations (LBW B vom 19.03.2008 (pdf) (German version), 1. Änderungsordnung vom 23.6.2009 (pdf) (German version) and 2. Änderungsordnung vom 18.03.2011 (pdf) (German version)).