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Studying and Teaching at the Department of Political and Social Sciences

WELCOME to the homepage of the Study- and Examination Office

Department of Political and Social Sciences
Ihnestr. 21, 14195 Berlin

Office hours

Our study and examination office staff have individual office hours. Please refer to the respective links and information below:

The study office is located on the 3rd floor, room 309. The examination offices are located on the 3rd floor, rooms 301-308.

We would also like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the Healthy Campus - Healthy Studying section. We have put together help videos (in German) for all our students on how to use Campus Management.

Students of the EinS@FU (in German) introductory and orientation program are unfortunately not admitted to our department due to overbooking.
Are you interested in studying (in German)and wondering whether studying at our department is the right choice for you? Take the plunge and try out our Online Study Subject Selection Assistant (OSA) (in German)!

If you're wondering what it's like to study an affine module (in German), whether you're an internal or external student, just take a look here (in German)! Please note general information about studying (in German) at the Department of Political and Social Sciences.
You will find a wide range of information on maternity protection for students.

Here you can find the representative for safeguarding good academic practice at the Department of Political and Social Sciences.

Vice Dean for Student Affairs

Prof. Dr. Céline Teney

Responsibilities of the Study Office

  • General study und teaching matters
  • Registration, deregistration and changes to registration for courses in Campus Management
  • Providing information for lecturers and answering questions on Campus Management and providing the necessary forms for departmental matters

Responsibilities of the Examinations Office

  • General matters related to examinations
  • Registration and procedure for Part-, Intermediary and Final Examinations
  • Acceptance of applications to the examining board (e.g. recognition of previous studies)
  • Confirmation of Transcripts of Records (overviews of academic achievements)

Responsibilities of the Promotion of Young Academics (doctorate, habilitation)

  • Doctoral procedures of the Department of Political and Social Sciences

  • Habilitation procedure of the Department of Political and Social Sciences

Responsibilities of the Quality Assurance

  • Programme development
  • Course evaluation
  • External expertise
  • and much more