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Affine Modules at the Departement

What are "Affine Modules"?

Study programmes are made up of various mandatory and optional modules, that is to say they are built up in a modular fashion. As a rule, a module is made up of a series of taught courses (for example lecture and seminar) with common content which end with a module exam.

Some Bachelor study programmes at the Freie Universität Berlin offer the chance to study affine modules. Thus, students have the chance to study modules in other departments and to have these recognised within their study programme.

Allocation Agreements

Allocation agreements determine how many places are to be made available for students of a department who wish to study at another department in the context of an affine module. In order to offer students of the Department of Political and Social Sciences opportunities to attend modules in other departments, the department makes allocation agreements with other departments.

Visiting individual taught courses in other departments is not possible in principle. In order to complete a module, the respective allocatione agreements are relevant.

Check the German page for the currently existing allocation agreements with other departments in the BA study programmes.

I would like to study an affine module!

The decision of which module from another study programme to take as an Affine Module is up to you. When choosing an Affine Module it is important to consider the following points, however:

  • Does the content of the module link with your core studies?
  • Does the Affine Module extend the specialist knowledge spectrum of your own studies?
  • Are there allocation agreements with the respective department?

If you can answer all three questions with “yes” and if you are interested, fill out the application form (German version) to study an Affine Module in full and hand it in to the member of staff responsible for your degree programme in the examinations office.

If there are more applications than places available, the examinations office will decide on allocation.

I got a place to study an affine module (Political Science)!

If you have received one of the sought-after places, you can start to choose a module from within the

according to the allocation agreements. You can find the courses assigned to a module in the course catalogue.

You can sing up for the courses through the Campus Management system.