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Advice for students offered by the Study and Examination Office

Advice regarding examinations matters

The staff of the Examination Office give advice to students in all questions regarding formal examinations. This includes:

  • Explanations to aid understanding of the demands of the Study and Examination Regulations
  • Explanations of the requirements for applications to complete a Bachelor's or Master's thesis (or in the courses which are being phased out, the Magister or Diploma thesis)
  • Explanations of the respective examination procedures up until graduation.

Contact persons

You can find the correct contact person and the corresponding office hours in the section under the individual Degree programme pages.

Advice regarding Campus Management

In the context of advice regarding Campus Management you will be supported in booking courses in the SAP-system. Furthermore, you may register, de-register, and change your registration for courses as well as conduct finishing of modules.

Contact persons

Stephanie Müller und Sylvia Stähr

Email: studienbuero@polsoz.fu-berlin.de

Office hours

Tuesday 13 - 15 h

Thursday 11 - 13 h

Individual student counselling

In the context of individual student advice, we would like to offer help to students in particular life situations. We would like to find individual solutions for difficult situations in everyday study life. The individual student advice is open to all students who find themselves in a difficult situation in life and require assistance (for example students with children or kin in need of care; chronic illnesses or physical problems; international students and many more).

Contact person

Martina Regulin

Email: martina.regulin@fu-berlin.de

Office hours

To be arranged