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1st Berlin Southern Theory Lecture - 2019 - Felwine Sarr


Felwine Sarr
(Université Gaston Berger, St. Louis - Senegal)

'Rewriting the humanities from Africa: for an ecology of knowledge'

Felwine Sarr

is a Senegalese scholar and writer. He currently teaches at University Gaston Berger in Saint Louis (Senegal). His lectures and academic research focus on epistemology, economic policies, and the history of religious ideas. As a writer, he has published to date Dahij (Gallimard, 2009), 105 Rue Carnot (Mémoire d'Encrier, 2011), Méditations Africaines (Mémoire d'Encrier, 2012), Afrotopia (Philippe Rey, 2016), Ishindenshin (Mémoire d’encrier, 2017) and Habiter le Monde (Mémoire d’encrier, 2017). In 2018, Sarr and French art historian Bénédicte Savoy, published “Restituer le patrimoine Africain” (Seuil/Phillipe Rey), a report on the restitution of African artifacts taken by France during the colonial period, commissioned by the French president, Emmanuel Macron.


Time: Wednesday 11.12.2019, 6.00 PM
Venue: Foyer of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin in Dahlem, Lansstraße 8, 14195 Berlin

Followed by a reception

Discussant: Kai Kresse (ZMO | FU Berlin) 

Welcome, Introduction & Moderation:
Alexis von Poser (Staatliche Museen zu Berlin)
Hansjörg Dilger, Sandra Calkins, Kristina Mashimi (FU Berlin)

SFB 1171 Affective Societies
Berlin Southern Theory Lecture