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Recently published: " Weaving the World in Conversation with Paul Stoller: From Sensuous Scholarship to Public Anthropology" (Medizinethnologie-Blog)

Paul Stoller. 11 February 2017. Image published with permission.

Paul Stoller. 11 February 2017. Image published with permission.

Kristina Dohrn, Britta Rutert, Judith Schühle, Nasima Selim, Mechthild von Vacano

News vom 25.04.2017

Writing ethnographic texts is a central skill for anthropologists. How does one make a sound theoretical argument and simultaneously capture the reader’s full attention by bringing her or him to the field with words? PhD candidates in anthropology are required to write their first full length ethnography. They experience the challenge with this particular genre of writing to develop a theoretic analysis integrated within literary ways of writing, while at the same time fulfilling institutional requirements. The anthropologist Paul Stoller has made himself a name in the field of ethnographic writing. He argues for ethnographic storytelling through evocative writing: ethnographic descriptions should speak to the readers’ senses and convey a feeling for the situations and contexts in which then the anthropological argument is rooted. [More]

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