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Witnessing Corona: Medical Anthropology Series on Covid-19



News vom 30.04.2020

This blog series brings together a wide range of local and transnational perspectives on life with COVID-19. Coming from different conceptual approaches, the articles offer a multi-facetted impression of topics such as inequality, governance, public health, belonging, stigma, affects, and migration in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The series is published by Blog Medizinethnologie of the Work Group Medical Anthropology (German Anthropological Association) in collaboration with Curare: Journal of Medical Anthropology, the Global South Studies Center Cologne, and boasblogs.

The editorial team is inviting further contributions of max 2000 words that address questions of:

  • social solidarity and moral blaming
  • living a life in social and/or physical isolation
  • unequal biosocial and/or psychological vulnerabilities
  • political-economic implications for healthcare infrastructures
  • historically contingent forms, possibilities, and risks of governmental intervention
  • and a host of other themes related to the Corona pandemic whose understanding will benefit from a (medical) anthropological perspective.

The contributions may range from theory- or ethnography-based articles to more personally tinged reflections in the form of a think piece. They can be in English or German. Pictures, drawings, small videos etc. are welcome (please provide captions and copyright information)! More detailed author information for the #WitnessingCorona series can be found here.

Please send your contributions to medizinethnologie@gmail.com or witnessingcorona@boasblogs.org. We are very much looking forward to your submissions!

Best wishes,

The #WitnessingCorona editorial team:

Hansjörg Dilger (Freie Universität Berlin), Clemens Eisenmann (Universität Siegen), Martina Gockel-Frank (GSSC), Clemens Greiner (GSSC), Claudia Lang (Universität Leipzig), Dominik Mattes (Freie Universität Berlin), Christine Rath (GSSC), Nasima Selim (Freie Universität Berlin), Mirko Uhlig (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz), Ehler Voss (University of Bremen)

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