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Berlin Anthropology Seminars

Poster Berlin Anthropology Seminars

Poster Berlin Anthropology Seminars

This seminar series constitutes a joint initiative by anthropologists from the Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology at FU Berlin, ZMO, and Ethnologisches Museum. It intends to shape and cultivate an inclusive platform and open regular meeting point for exchange and discussion on current research by Berlin-based anthropologists. Please spread the word among colleagues, junior or senior, who may be interested. For further questions contact: Carolin Gantz Vargas, c.gantz.vargas@fu-berlin.de 
The organizers of the series are Paola IvanovClaudia Liebelt, and Kai Kresse. The events take place bi-weekly on Wednesday from 04.15 - 5.45 pm. 

May 8 Laibor Kalanga Moko (FU Berlin): The House of Iloikop: A Critical Maasai Perspective on the Humboldt Forum Seminarzentrum Otto-von Simson-Str. 26 | L115 

May 22 Heike Becker (Univ. of the Western Cape): Decolonizing South African Anthropology 
Seminarzentrum Otto-von Simson-Str. 26 | L115 

June 5 Katharina Lange (Leibniz Institut Moderner Orient): Disordered Times. Cultivation, Violence and Care in Human-Plant-Relations (Afrin, Syria) 
Seminarzentrum Otto-von Simson-Str. 26 | L115 

June 19 Jonas Tinius (Humboldt Universität Berlin): Theatre and Theory: Anthropological Fieldwork and the Production of Artistic Knowledge 
Hittorfstr. 18 | Seminar room 

July 3 Nasima Selim (Universität Bayreuth): A Sufi is Someone who Breathes Well! Breathing Well in Suffocating Times 
Seminarzentrum Otto-von Simson-Str. 26 | L115 Book launch of „Breathing Hearts: Sufism, Healing, and Anti-Muslim Racism in Germany“ (Berghahn Books) and breathwork 

Link for attending online: 
Link: https://fu-berlin.webex.com/wbxmjs/joinservice/sites/fu-berlin/meeting/download/d932b2f72a9746e9a9fbc68fd11fdfab?siteurl=fu-berlin& MTID=mf3cf5163af7c913bd05d1273b823322b  
Meeting ID: 2731 889 2689 
Meeting Password: BAS_summer_2024 

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