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Reihe: Contemporary Society

Contemporary Society

Eds.: Georg Pfeffer and Deepak Kumar Behera
New Delhi

  • 1. Contemporary Society: Childhood and Complex Order. Professor Satyanarayana Ratha Feliciation Volume. New Delhi, Manak Publications, 1996, 452 p.

  • 2. Contemporary Society: Tribal Studies. New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company. Documentation of various facts of tribal social reality is very much essential before they are totally eclipsed by the rapid process of globalization of the world economy. While examining the current literature on tribal societies we notice a curious absence of scientific studies based on intensive fieldwork among a large and important section of the world population. The series Contemporary Society: Tribal Studies tries to fill in this gap and thereby attempts to remove our ignorance on many aspects of the tribal world.
  • Vol. I: Structure and Process. New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company, 1997. 359 p.

  • Vol. II: Development Issues, Transition and Change, 1997, 404 p.

  • Vol. III: Social Concern, New Delhi, Concept 1999. 331 p.

  • Vol. IV: Social Realities. New Delhi: Concept 1999. 290 p.

  • Vol. V: Concept of Tribal Society. New Delhi, Concept 2002, 424 p.

  • Vol. VI: Tribal Situation in India. New Delhi, Concept 2002 (forthcoming)

SFB 1171 Affective Societies
Berlin Southern Theory Lecture