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Reihe Studies in Orissan Society

Studies in Orissan Society, Culture and History

Edited by Hermann Kulke, Georg Pfeffer, Burkhard Schnepel and Heinrich von Stietencron

Volume I
Kulke, Hermann and Burkhard Schnepel (eds.)
Jagannath Revisited: Society, Religion and the State in Orissa
New Delhi: Manohar 2001.

Volume II
Burkhard Schnepel
The Jungle Kings. Ethnohistorical Aspects of Politics and Ritual in Orissa
(translation Die Dschungelkönige. Ethnohistorische Aspekte von Politik und Ritual in Südorissa/Indien, Stuttgart: Franz Steiner, 1997) New Delhi: Manohar, 2002.

Volume III
Malinar, Angelika, Johannes Beltz, and Heiko Frese (eds.).
Text and Context in the History, Literature and Religion of Orissa
Delhi: Manohar 2004.

Volume IV
Mubayi, Yaaminey.
Altar of Power. The Temple and the State in the Land of Jagannatha
Delhi: Manohar, 2004.

Volume V
Skoda, Uwe
The Aghria: A Peasant Caste on a Tribal Frontier
Delhi: Manohar, 2005.

Volume VI
Malinar, Angelika (ed.).
Time in India: Concepts and Practices
Delhi: Manohar, 2007.

Volume VII
Pfeffer, Georg (ed.)
Periphery and Centre: Groups, Categories and Values
Delhi: Manohar, 2007.

Volume VIII
Berkemer, Georg and Hermann Kulke (eds.)
Centers Out There? Facets of Subregional Identities
Delhi: Manohar, 2007.
SFB 1171 Affective Societies
Berlin Southern Theory Lecture