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Hayat Douhan M.A.

Hayat Douhan is a Marie-Curie fellow and a research fellow at the German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA) in Hamburg, Germany. She is also a PhD a candidate at the Institute for  Media and Communication Studies in Freie Universität Berlin under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Carola Richter. Hayat received an MA in Applied Linguistics from Moulay Ismail University in Morocco and an MA in Media and Cultural Studies from Doha Institute for Graduate Studies in Qatar. Hayat worked as a teacher of English at the Ministry of National Education in Morocco. Hayat was also a Fulbright alumnus at Mercyhurst University in the US, where she taught Arabic language and studied Organizational Leadership and Higher Education Administration. She was working as a program coordinator at Aljazeera Media Institute in Doha before she moved to Germany and work on the MIDA project in 2020. 


Hayat’s research interests revolve around the intersection between media and culture. In her current research, she is exploring the mediatization of Islam by looking at the relationship between Islam and digital media. She focuses on the religious media practices among Moroccan Muslims in the diaspora with a focus on the German context. Her research is part of the MIDA project (Mediating Islam in the Digital Age), which is funded under H2020 MSCA, ITN-MIDA N813547.  https://www.itn-mida.org