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Maysa Amer M.A.



Maysa Amer is a Doctoral Candidate at the Department of Political and Social Science at the Free University of Berlin. Amer was awarded a Ford Foundation fellowship to pursue a dual degree program at the American University in Cairo. She obtained a Master’s degree in television and digital journalism and a Graduate Diploma in public policy. Amer also holds another Master’s degree in political communication and media studies from the Faculty of Mass Communication at Cairo University, where she investigated to what extent the Arab news’ channels shape the youth’s political socialization. In her graduate studies and research, she focused on media policy, political socialization, public policy analysis, E-government, and news and digital media. Amer earned multiple awards and grants for her academic achievements from prestigious institutions such as Erasmus and DAAD. She holds the position of an Assistant Lecturer of Mass Communication at Tanta University. She has taught many courses and supervised the graduation projects regularly. Currently, she pursues her Ph.D. at the Institute of Media and Communication Studies. Her research interests include political communication; media and public policy; digital media; media laws & regulations, and internet governance. Beyond her teaching and academic path, Amer also has professional and practical experience in journalism. She produced many news stories and reports. She also cooperated with Associated Press (AP) and assisted in various news stories throughout her internship.

Transformations of Media Systems in Transition: Change Dynamics and Implications toward Democracy

The study focuses on media systems in the Middle East with an emphasis on Egypt. It investigates the structure of the media system focusing on media policy and regulations on broadcasting and digital and social media sectors. The study also deals with the different challenging factors that affect media policies and regulations regarding digital and social media platforms and investigates the role played by different actors in the process.