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Online Ceremony Prize for Gender and Intersectional Justice in honor of Lina ben Mhenni, 09.12.2021

Lina ben Mhenni

Lina ben Mhenni

News vom 06.12.2021

On Thursday, 9th December 2021, we want to celebrate in a virtual event, the young scholars who received the first AREACORE Prize for Gender and Intersectional Justice in honor of Lina ben Mhenni. As an activist during the Arab Spring and a woman’s rights advocate, Lina Ben Mhenni’s activism reflected a commitment to intersectional justice -demonstrated for instance through her involvement in reporting human rights abuses during the regime of ben Ali, but also through her role during the uprisings in Tunisia 2010/2011 and her struggle for transitional and inclusive justice since then.

We are looking forward to come together and commemorate Lina Ben Mhenni’s engagement and legacy as a blogger, activist and academic by awarding projects in the field of media and communication studies and journalism studies.

Three awardees will join us to shortly present their work in the respective categories.

In order to join the event, click the link below:

Event number:2730 486 2415
Event password: nUtUdDDg539
(68883334 from phones)

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