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Viele Beiträge des IfPuK auf der ICA-Jahrestagung 2024 in Gold Coast

News vom 17.06.2024

Mehrere Kolleginnen und Kollegen unseres Instituts sind bei der diesjährigen Jahrestagung der International Communication Association (ICA), die vom 20. bis 24. Juni stattfindet, mit Forschungsbeiträgen vertreten. Die Tagung mit dem Themenschwerpunkt Communication and Global Human Rights findet vor Ort in Gold Coast (Australien) statt, wobei einige Programmpunkte auch im hybriden Format angeboten werden. Unsere Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter präsentieren auf der Tagung folgende Vorträge:

  • Christian Baden, Annett HeftMichael Vaughan Barbara Pfetsch: "Digital affordances for social movements: An actor group-centric, intermediate-level approach"
  • Kilian BuehlingAnnett Heft & Xixuan Zhang: "Functions and linguistic styles of conspiracy-related communication: A cross-platform analysis"
  • Martin Emmer, Pablo Porten-Cheé, Roland Toth & Christian Strippel: "Has the Internet Turned Bad? A Longitudinal Analysis of Types of Political Participation in Germany From 2003 and 2019"
  • Yangliu Fan, Jakob Ohme & Christoph Neuberger: "Digital Turn Without Digital Methods? Mapping the Jouney of Journalism Studies"
  • Tamer Farag, Muhammad S. Malik, Christoph Neuberger; Annika Sehl & Sonja Kretzschmar: "Expressing Dissent Online: Analyzing Digital Counter-Publics in Afghanistan and Lebanon" 
  • Tamer FaragChristoph Neuberger, Sonja Kretzschmar, Annika Sehl, Judith M. Pies & Linda Wiethaus: "Alternative Media in Lebanon: The Role of Digital Platforms in a Polarized Hybrid Media System"
  • Baoning Gong: "Social Media Affordances for the Far-Right: Comparing German Far-Right Social Movement Networks on Twitter/X, Telegram and Gettr"
  • Anna Litvinenko, Anastasia Magazova, Barbara Christophe & Hans-Ulrich Wagner: "Memes and Memories: Actualization of the Past in Russian and Ukrainian Memes in the Context of the Russia-Ukraine War"
  • Muhammad S. Malik, Annika Sehl, Christoph Neuberger & Sonja Kretzschmar: "Uprisings and Social Media: An Analysis of Twitter Use in Lebanon During Mass Protests"
  • Miriam Milzner & Anna Litvinenko: "Twiplomacy and the War: Russia’s Strategic Narratives on Twitter During the Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine"
  • Jakob Ohme, Anna-Theresa Mayer, Timothy Charlton-Czaplicki, Lion Wedel, Felix Gaisbauer, Yangliu Fan &   Christoph Neuberger: "The Dynamic Journalistic Intermediation Model (DJIM) of Communicative Transaction in a Networked Public Sphere" 
  • Florian Primig: "Thinking Different as an Act of Resistance: Reconceptualizing the German Protests in the COVID-19 Pandemic as a Counter-Knowledge Order"
  • Florian Primig: "Knowing (less) together: Toward an Understanding of Misinformed Publics as Counter-Knowledge Orders"
  • Florian Primig: "Emerging Counter-Knowledge Orders: Towards a Conceptualization of Persistent Diverging Rationalities in Digitalized Society (ICA 2024 postconference P³: Power, Propaganda, Polarisation)" 
  • Florian Primig & Julia Lück-Benz: "Online Monitoring Activism: Civic Surveillance Practices as a Reaction to the Rise of the Far-Right in the COVID-19 Pandemic"
  • Dennis Steffan, Maria E. Grabe & Umberto Famulari: "Multimodal Character Framing of Political Candidates: Online Election Coverage in German, Polish, and United States News Media"
  • Daniel Thiele, Miriam Milzner, Annett Heft, Baoning Gong Barbara Pfetsch: "50 Shades of Astroturf and How to Choose Them: A Theoretical Model and Review of Coordinated Social Media Manipulation"
  • Niklas Venema & Dennis Steffan: "From Comedian to Leader of the Free World: Volodymyr Zelensky’s News Portrayal Around the Globe"
  • Ana-Nzinga Weiß: "‘Creating our Seat at the Table' – Analyzing the epistemic formation of counterpublics in the Instagram series Sitzplatzreservierung"
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