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Politics and Religion in Europe and beyond (Teil 2)

(15 380)

RaumGarystr. 55, 101
Mi 14.00-16.00

For a long time, research on the relationship between religion and politics in Western democracies has been characterized by the secularization paradigm which predicted that religion is becoming a marginal social force as a consequence of modernization processes. However, the inflow of immigrants with different religious backgrounds, the rising role of churches as societal veto players, the ongoing relevance of Christian parties as an influential power in “secular” countries and the rise of new religious actors in both Western and non-Western countries demonstrate a renewed political salience of issues related to religion in public policy. These developments have led to a return of scholarly attention to religion as a social and political force. The aim of this project course is to review and analyze the “new” role of religion in the public sphere with a special focus on European countries and the European Union as a “secular power”.

This is the second part of the Projektkurs that has been starting in Winter term 2010/2011.