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The European Union: Integration and Enlargement – Theory, Practice and Challenges

(15 173)

Dozent/inEsther Ademmer / Digdem Soyaltin
RaumIhnestr. 22 / UG3
Mi 10.00 - 12.00

This seminar aims (a) to provide students with a theoretically informed understanding of European Union governance, integration and enlargement, and (b) to enable and encourage them to independent analysis of contemporary EU governance, integration and enlargement issues. We aim to achieve this by introducing and analysing in-depth the core theoretical concepts and empirical features of European governance, integration and enlargement. In more detail, the course will offer students knowledge about the history of the European Union, the EU’s mode of operation (institutions, decision-making, negotiations), various integration theories, and past and future European Union enlargement rounds. Moreover, the course also highlights contentious issues and challenges in the ongoing debates about European integration and enlargement – such as differentiated integration and the democratic deficit problem – as this is indispensable for the development of a thorough knowledge about a concrete research topic.

Students are expected to attend the seminar regularly, to prepare required readings in form of short presentations, and to participate actively in the seminar discussions, which will form the main part of the course. Further tasks are the preparation of a theory portrait and participation in a panel discussion in class. In order to obtain a ‘Leistungsschein’, students will have to write a longer essay (Hausarbeit).