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Democratic Principles on Trial: One Case at a Time


Dozent/inDr. Kriszta Kovács, Prof Gábor Attila Tóth
RaumIhnestr.22 UG 2 Seminarraum

Di 16:00-18:00

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The idea of a European constitutional community is based on the protection of human rights and
the principles of democracy, and the rule of law safeguarded by independent courts. These
foundational values are threatened not only by wars and severe economic and social crises but
also by autocratic tendencies within Europe.
The objective of this seminar is to show how the foundational values and principles can (or
cannot) be protected by international and national apex courts. Each class will focus on one case,
one judicial decision at a time. The topics of the course include popular sovereignty, secularism
and religion, human dignity, equality and non-discrimination, free speech, and the rule of law.
These issues are addressed by analysing and discussing landmark cases of the two European
supranational courts, the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the
European Union as well as domestic constitutional and supreme courts.”